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All Traffic Tickets**
Auto Accidents
AI Legal Assistant
Nationwide Coverage
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As a member: when you get a ticket, you'll simply upload it to our website. We'll assign an attorney to your case and go to court for you.

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Did You Know

The Problem Today.

Over 112,000 traffic tickets are issued in the U.S. every day!

These tickets:
  • Are Expensive
  • Ruin Your Driving Record
  • Increase Your Insurance Rates
  • Cost You Time To Fight Alone
  • Require High Attorney Fees
  • Add Stress To Your Life

Do you wish you could drive more without ever worrying about a ticket? You've come to the right place! Fighting a traffic ticket is always your best option but doing it yourself can cost you a lot of time. Plus, hiring an attorney is a huge upfront cost. This is why we created Auto Allies. We fight for you and cover 100% of your attorney fees.

Our network of attorneys also fight to protect your rights involving car accidents, lemon law issues, and more.

Ready To Start Saving?

Protect Yourself For Less Than $1 A Day.

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What Is Included

The Only Traffic-Ticket-Defense Subscription.

Protect Yourself For Less Than $1 A Day.

The law grants every person the right to retain legal representation before or during a trial, at DMV hearings, or when questioned by law enforcement officers. Auto Allies will rigorously defend your legal rights and use our relationships, experience, and knowledge of the legal system to fight for you.

Zero Attorney Fees

Yes, you read that right. We cover 100% of your Attorney Fees.

Easily Affordable

Our members only pay low monthly fee to enjoy legal protection for less that $1 a day.

94% Success Rate

Our attorneys win with a supreme 94% success rate.

24/7 Nationwide Coverage

Our service includes nationwide coverage in all 50 states.

Zero Attorney Fees

Never Pay For An Attorney Again.

As a valued member, you receive an unparalleled benefit: we cover 100% of your attorney fees for any auto-related legal matters. This commitment ensures that you won't face the burden of legal costs.

Zero Life Disruptions

No Showing Up To Court.

We take on the burden of legal representation, allowing you to focus on your daily life without the worry of court dates or legal procedures. Our skilled attorneys handle everything on your behalf, from representing your case to managing all necessary court appearances.

Zero Stress Solution

Upload Your Ticket & We Do The Rest.

If you have a new ticket, just upload it to your account and we'll handle it from there. It's just another way we simplify the legal experience for our members, offering efficient representation while removing the stress and complexity from the process.

Have Peace Of Mind

Protect Yourself Today.

Protect Yourself For Less Than $1 A Day.

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Don't Stress Another Day

The Benefits Are Clear.

Traffic Tickets

Dealing with traffic tickets can be frustrating, but don't let the opinion of a police officer cause you to pay unnecessary fines and ruin your record.

Auto Accidents

Auto accidents are an unfortunate reality, but we're here to ensure you're legally protected should you ever find yourself involved in one.

Depreciation Of Value

As a member, you benefit from coverage that safeguards against the depreciation of your vehicle's value. This ensures that your investment retains its worth, even as time and use take their toll.

Lemon Law

As a member, you gain comprehensive protection under the lemon law for your vehicle. This ensures you're covered and supported in the event your car fails to meet performance and quality standards.

Our Community Endorsements

Celebrated Voices
Taking Notice.

Listen to the inspiring stories from our car community members, and see how becoming a member has made a real difference in their lives.

Proud Partners

Daily Driven Exotics
"Auto Allies saved my Lamborghini Murcielago after it was impounded. I got both my car and license back within a few hours!"
Tanner Fox
"These Ticket Dismissers have helped me personally and tons of my buddies with their traffic tickets."
Sick Riders
"Auto Allies is simply a must for any motorcycle rider. They're affordable and always there for you."
Our Team Can Help You

Hear From Our Members

"I had several cases that I totally forgot about suspending my license and Ticket Dismissers got my license back in 2 days!"

Auto Allies Customer Testimonial
Josh of the Jungle
New Jersey


Auto Allies Customer Testimonial
Josh JMR
Los Angeles

"I have Ticket Dismissers fighting two tickets for me right now! These guys are the best!!"

Auto Allies Customer Testimonial
Heath Hussar

"If you ever need help with a ticket then reach out to Ticket Dismissers. They dismissed my ticket!"

Auto Allies Customer Testimonial
Gigi Papasavvass
Los Angeles

"Ticket Dismissers has saved me on several tickets that I have received! They are the best, keep them on speed dial."

Auto Allies Customer Testimonial
Los Angeles

"I have hired Ticket Dismissers on several tickets! Cannot go wrong with them."

Auto Allies Customer Testimonial
Blake Linder
Los Angeles
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Protection For Less Than $1 A Day.

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  • Complete Traffic Ticket Protection
  • Attorney Fee Coverage
  • Car Accidents
  • Lemon Law
  • Roadside Assistance
  • Even More Perks

**Our membership does not cover pre-existing tickets, over 100mph, misdemeanors and felonies. However, as a member you will receive 25% off our standard fees should these incidents occur.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Have Questions? We Have Answers.

What happens after I get a ticket?

Simply upload it from your account dashboard and we'll take care of the rest. You'll be able to speak directly with your attorney at any time.

Do I still have to show up to court?

No, our members do not have to show up to court.

Why shouldn't I just pay the ticket?

If you pay for example a speeding ticket, and without fighting it, you're pleading guilty. Resulting in points on your records and insurance premium increases.

What if my ticket due date is close?

Don't worry about the due date on your ticket. Once you book your case, the "respond by" date listed on your ticket becomes irrelevant.

Does your membership cover CDL tickets?

Yes, absolutely. Truckers are the veins of this country, carrying essentials to vital locations in many directions. We can help you protect your rights.

How much does a speeding ticket add to my insurance?

The national average car insurance rate increase for drivers who get a speeding ticket is 30-40%, or nearly $395 more a year.