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We've built our practice on helping people who have been pulled over for all sorts of traffic violations. We are here to help, so you can continue doing what matters to you. Our network of attorneys also fight to protect your rights involving car accidents, lemon law issues, and more.

Infraction Violations

There are two different infraction violations: Moving and Non-Moving. Moving violations are the ones that add points to your record if found guilty. Non-moving violations are the ones without points.

We fight both types of violations, and enjoy helping our clients defend their traffic tickets. Plus, we like Winning!

Don't let the opinion of the DMV or patrol officer cause you to pay unnecessary fines or ruin your record.


This is a more serious violation than infractions; making it a mid level criminal offense.

It doesn’t just come with a fine and a one point like a Infraction, it comes with 2 points, 30-Day License Suspension, possible probation or jail time if found guilty.

With the severity of a Misdemeanor violation & possible repercussions, it's in your best interest to consult with our attorneys to fight for you.

CDL Violations

Commercial Drivers, protect your CDL. Our attorneys will schedule an arraignment for a court trial to argue a notice of suspension & present facts and information relating to your charge.

We mandate witnesses and arresting patrol officers to defend their charges against you. Mistakes or mishandling of your ticket or arrest can be presented in the hearing to contest your point accumulation, and even dismissing out your suspension.

D.U.I & D.W.I

With a DUI or DWI offense, the driver's license is suspended and the offender typically arrested. You'll have the ability to schedule your DMV hearing within 10 working days of suspension. After requesting a hearing, an experienced attorney is critical to help restore your driving privileges.

We've got the experience to fight for you. We'll review the facts, or errors that may have been committed, and build your defense.

FTA Warrants

It all begins with receiving a traffic ticket and signing along the dotted line. Signing a ticket does not imply guilt though. Instead, this is a legally binding agreement for the driver to show up on their appointed court date whether they are going to plead guilty, pay the fine, or fight the ticket.

Failure to appear in court results in both a bench warrant and a license hold/suspension, which means that a driver can be taken into custody at any time or given a ticket while driving.

In order to keep your driving and criminal record clear, if you are in threat of this charge, you should act today.

Hit & Runs

Fleeing the scene under state law is considered a criminal offense. Resulting in either a misdemeanor or a felony. A misdemeanor charge can result in points assigned to your license, while a Felony classification is if there were injuries or death to another party.

A Hit & Run doesn't always involve another driver. It can also be against private property, unattended vehicles, animals , pedestrians, or public property.

Obtaining a knowledgeable attorney before a DMV hearing can help assess the facts of your license suspension and provide the best defense towards reinstating your right to drive.

DMV Hearings

DMV hearings are administrative reviews when your driver's license has been suspended. A suspension can be due to an accumulation of points on your license, hit and run, DUI, or excess speeding tickets. A hearing with the DMV needs to be scheduled within 10 days after your notification of license suspension. This limited window of time will give you the ability to state your claim to provide the opportunity to restore your driving privileges.

Our attorneys can present the DMV officers with accurate documents, witness testimonials, and other evidence which will be used in making the decision about your driving future.

Protect Yourself

Not only do traffic tickets involve a fine, but depending on what the ticket is for, it can result in points on your license, which can lead to higher car insurance rates.

The law grants every person the right to retain legal representation before or during a trial, at DMV hearings, or when questioned by law enforcement officers.

Great attorneys are not cheap. Cheap attorneys are not great. We understand this and created a membership to reduce costs for the same Great defense.

Don't let the opinion of an officer cost you fines or ruin your record.

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