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Membership Agreement



  1. MEMBERSHIP AGREEMENT . The following contract constitutes your Membership Agreement. In exchange for receipt of membership fees and subject to all terms herewith, we agree with you as follows:
  2. DEFINITIONS . Throughout this contract
  1. “You”, “your,” “Covered Person,” and “Member” mean the person executing this Membership Agreement.
  2. “We,” “us,” “our,” or “Company” means Auto Allies Corporation, the Company providing or arranging for services, and its employees and agents.
  3. “Home Office” means the Company’s offices located at 20750 Ventura Blvd. Ste 430, Woodland Hills, CA 91364.
  4. “Vehicle” means a properly-licensed motor vehicle designed to operate on public highways.
  5. “Covered vehicle” means any vehicle you are using with the permission of the vehicle’s owner, whether that vehicle be a commercial or personal passenger. Covered vehicle specifically excludes any vehicle operated without the permission of the owner.
  6. “Provider Attorney” means the law firm or attorney we have engaged on your behalf or is designated by us to provide the Attorney Representation Benefits of Membership, as applicable, and who has accepted such representation.
  7. “Court of Original Jurisdiction” means the Court, board, or administrative agency in which the charge or complaint is first filed and excludes any subsequent proceedings for review, appeal, or reconsideration.
  1. ATTORNEY REPRESENTATION . This Benefit applies to you when you operate a commercial or personal passenger vehicle, unless the Benefit specifies otherwise.
  1. REPRESENTATION FOR MOVING AND NON-MOVING TRAFFIC VIOLATIONS . If a Member is driving the covered vehicle  then the Member is entitled to representation in the court of original jurisdiction  by a Provider Attorney  for coverable moving and non-moving traffic violations, subject to the following:
  • Member  MUST call 1-800-889-5891 or email to report the traffic violation within three (3) days (72 hours) of receiving the citation . The call or email will be logged, membership verified, and Member will be asked to immediately send the following, if Member has not already done so:

  • Original citation or legible copy of both the front and back of the citation;
  • Completed Power of Attorney Certificate;
  • Statement of Fact regarding the incident; and
  • Any other documentation required by the court of original jurisdiction , the Provider Attorney , or local law.
  • Auto Allies Corporation must receive the above information in full in the Home Office  at least ten (10) business days prior to the court date. When we  receive the completed information, we  will process and forward it to the Provider Attorney  who will handle the case in the jurisdiction where it was received.
  • If Member  fails to report the traffic violation within three (3) days (72 hours) of receiving the citation and/or fails to submit the information identified above to the Home Office  at least ten (10) business days prior to the court date, we  cannot guarantee representation.
  • The Provider Attorney  will bill the Company  for coverable attorneys’ fees. Member  is responsible for out-of-pocket expenses that may be incurred such as fines, fees, or other court costs.
  1. REPRESENTATION FOR SERIOUS TRAFFIC VIOLATIONS . Your membership provides you with representation by a Provider Attorney  in the court of original jurisdiction  for criminal charges such as vehicular manslaughter, vehicular homicide, and negligent homicide resulting from a serious traffic accident. (See Exclusions at Part IV below)
  2. REPRESENTATION FOR PRE-EXISTING CITATIONS . Subject to a handling fee of $299, your membership provides you with representation by a Provider Attorney  in the court of original jurisdiction  for pre- existing citations if the citation is received in our Home Office at least six (6) business days  prior to the court date. Citations received in our Home Office less than five (5) business days  prior to the court date are subject to a handling fee of $399. In the event that we don't have a provider attorney on-site at a particular courthouse, the member or customer will receive a full refund of their payment for the pre-existing ticket.

Pre-existing citation coverage excludes appeals; charges due to accidents; criminal charges such as vehicular manslaughter, vehicular homicide, and negligent homicide resulting from a serious traffic accident; and previous citations for violations not covered by the Membership Agreement . This excluded coverage may, however, be subject to the Provider Attorney Service Discount at Member’s election.

  1. COMPLIANCE, SAFETY, AND ACCOUNTABILITY (“CSA”) CHALLENGES . Subject to a handling fee of $25, Company navigates CSA challenges. When traffic violation representation results in a challengeable reduction and Company is provided the corresponding inspection report, Company will perform a DataQ Challenge to assist Member in addressing Member’s PSP Report.
  2. PROVIDER ATTORNEY SERVICE DISCOUNT . When a legal situation not specifically covered elsewhere in this Membership Agreement requires assistance from a Provider Attorney , the Member may retain the  Provider Attorney  for a twenty-five (25) percent discount off the Provider Attorney’s  standard market rate(s). In order to secure these services under this discount, contact the Company with the details of your legal matter. Once we have put you in contact with a Provider Attorney , you will need to agree with the Provider Attorney upon a fee based on the scope of work required, subject to the twenty-five (25) percent discount. Once you have reached such agreement, we will transfer your file to the Provider Attorney  and close the matter. This means that legal matters qualifying for the Provider Attorney  Service Discount are not covered cases and are not managed by the Company . If You choose to engage the services of a  Provider Attorney  using the Provider Attorney Service Discount, it is your responsibility alone to work with the Provider Attorney  and to ensure that you are represented in court by, including but not limited to, maintaining direct contact with the Provider Attorney , providing the Provider Attorney  with all information necessary to successfully address the matter, and making direct payment to the Provider Attorney  for all fees. The Company takes no responsibility for assisting the Member in communicating with the Provider Attorney  regarding case details, and the Company has no responsibility with respect to reporting to the Member case status, payment status, court dates, and the like.
  3. As noted above, the Company arranges for representation through a Provider Attorney . The Provider Attorney  is not an employee of the Company but is an independent counsel engaged by the Company on the Member’s  behalf. The Provider Attorney  is responsible for the Member’s legal representation and is subject to the rules and regulations of the bar in his or her practicing jurisdiction(s). It is within the sole discretion of the Provider Attorney  to determine whether claims or defenses pertaining to any matter under any portion of this Membership Agreement  present a frivolous or otherwise unmeritorious judgment or decision.
  1. PERSONAL PASSENGER VEHICLE EMERGENCY TOWING AND ROADSIDE SERVICE . Company pays reasonable charges to get your personal passenger  vehicle moving such as, for example, flat tires, sufficient fuel to drive to the nearest gas station, jumps and unlocks, and, when we are unable to get your vehicle moving in a reasonable time, towing to the nearest servicing facility when your personal passenger vehicle  is disabled.
  2. Limitations This Benefit is not available for the first 19 days of a new MEMBERSHIP, and starts on the 20th day. There is a tow range limit of up to 7 driving miles in any direction from the point of breakdown. Members are responsible for all costs of service above the stated mileage limits; which is dependant on the rate of the third party towing company utilized to fulfill the service request.
  3. RV and motorcycles RV and motorcycle towing benefits are subject to dollar limits, instead of mileage limits.

Roadside assistance does not cover:

  • service for trucks with a licensed load capacity in excess of one (1) ton, vehicles of a dual wheel class, buses, tractors, or trailers;
  • wench-out, extraction, or removal of snow or ice from or around your covered vehicle or from or around any driveway, premises, street, highway, or parking area;
  • any auto parts, rental battery, return of rental battery, supplies or accessories furnished by garage or service stations, repairs to door locks, new keys, or opening of rear deck;
  • any repairs or materials used in repairing a flat tire, or a second trip by a service provider for the same disablement; or
  • any repairs to skid chains and snow tires, balancing of snow tires, rotating of tires, or dismounting of skid chains or snow tires.
  1. THEFT REWARD . A $250 reward will be paid for information leading to the arrest and conviction of anyone who steals a personal passenger vehicle owned or leased by you. Stolen contents or losses due to vandalism are not covered. You, your family, or police officers are not eligible for reward.
  2. AMBULANCE SERVICE . If your personal passenger vehicle is involved in an accident, we will reimburse you up to $100 when you must be transported from the scene of the accident by ambulance service. You must report the incident within ninety (90) days, and you will be asked to send a copy of the police accident report and all receipts. This Benefit is subject to the Exclusions listed under Section IV(A).

The Company reserves the right to change from time to time the Benefits of Membership  described at this Part III and the Membership price. All such changes will be noticed through the Company’s website thirty (30) days prior to those changes taking effect. Following such notice, Member shall have been deemed to have accepted such change unless Member notifies Company of Member’s desire to cancel membership as specified at Part VII(D) below.

  1. The rights and privileges provided under Section III of this Membership Agreement  exclude and do not apply to those otherwise covered by this Membership Agreement  if the Member is charged as a result of:
  • any parking or environmental charges;
  • drug- or alcohol-related matters;
  • failure to appear on a prior traffic violation;
  • driving on a suspended, revoked, or invalid permit;
  • a felony;
  • hit and run;
  • appeals;
  • warrants;
  • charges out of the court of original jurisdiction; or
  • Tickets received in jurisdictions in which the Provider Attorney has determined, in their sole discretion, no relief can be obtained from that court.

This Membership Agreement  also excludes and does not apply to any act or omission otherwise giving rise to coverage if such act or omission was performed in the commission of any crime under any municipal ordinance or state and/or federal statute, except as is otherwise specifically provided for and covered under this Membership Agreement .

  1. This Membership Agreement  excludes and does not cover any fines, court costs, penalties, expert witness fees, bonds, bail bonds, or other out-of-pocket expenses.
  2. This Membership Agreement  excludes traffic, criminal, and civil charges against the Covered Person  which arise solely due to the ownership of the vehicle itself, management or association with a business, partnership or corporation, or which involve an incident wherein the Covered Person  was not actually driving or operating a vehicle .
  3. Pre-existing charges which include accident or criminal charges arising from accidents including charges of manslaughter, involuntary manslaughter, negligent homicide, or vehicular homicide.
  4. Radar detector violations.
  5. This Membership Agreement excludes and does not cover representation for traffic tickets in the state of Arizona for Civil Violations if Member has attended defensive driving school within the prior 12 months.
  6. This Membership Agreement excludes and does not cover representation for traffic tickets issued in the first 60 minutes after registration, and/or the first 24 hours if the date and/or time of the citation is not visible on the issued citation.
  7. This Membership Agreement excludes and does not cover representation for traffic tickets assigned to Federal courthouses.
  1. This Membership Agreement  and all the rights, duties, and responsibilities set forth herein apply to and are applicable in the fifty (50) United States and Canada (where available and not specifically excluded). The possessions and territories of the United States including Puerto Rico are not covered under this Membership Agreement. Company does not cover every courthouse in the Covered Area. In the event that you attempt to fight a traffic ticket and we do not have an attorney available in that court, Company will pay you $200 for each incident, and no more than $1,000 per calendar year.
  1. Term . Coverage begins on the date the Member signs the Membership Agreement  (“Effective Date”) and continues until cancelled or terminated.
  2. Price . Member agrees to pay a monthly Membership Fee for the Benefits of Membership above described.
  3. Renewal . The Company , at its option, may renew the Membership Agreement . Renewal is monthly or any month after the first twelve (12) months.
  4. Cancellation by the Member. A continuous Active Membership is required for the entire period that Company is representing Member in an ongoing case. In the event Member chooses to cancel during this period, Company reserves the right to discontinue the product described herein in its entirety and/or charge the member's payment method for the additional period of the ongoing case and/or charge the member's payment method for the full non-member cost of attorney fees specific to the ongoing case(s). In the event of pre-existing tickets: if the Member was provided a discount for their case when combined with a membership, and the membership loses its Active status,Company reserves the right to charge the Member's payment method for the discounted amount. Should the Member wish to cancel this Membership Agreement , Member should notify Auto Allies in writing at the Home Office or by email at The Member’s Membership shall terminate on the date the Company receives such written or emailed notice.
  5. Termination by the Company . Non-payment of the Membership Fee  shall result in termination of your Membership as of the due date of the last payment. The Company may also discontinue the product described herein based on the assessment of a Member's updated driving record and/or number of claims with Company. The Company may also, at its discretion, discontinue the product described herein in its entirety and terminate this Membership Agreement  for discontinuation of the product or for any other reason upon thirty (30) days’ written notice posted on the Company’s website.
  6. Return of Unearned Membership Fee.  If you cancel or we terminate your membership, the unearned fee (cancellation date to expiration date) will be computed on a pro-rata basis, without any deductions. If that computed, pro-rata sum entitles you to a refund, such refund will be mailed to you after the processing of the cancellation or termination.
  7. Contact Information . Member agrees to keep the Company informed of any changes to or updates in Member’s contact information including, but not limited to, phone number, email address, and physical address. Member agrees that it is Member’s responsibility to notify Company of any such changes in Contact Information so as to ensure Company may communicate with Member in an appropriate time frame. Failure by a Member to update Contact Information may result in Company’s inability to guarantee case coverage under Part III above and shall not constitute a failure to fulfill the Benefits of Membership herein.
  1. Non-Waiver . No covenant or condition of this Membership Agreement may be waived except by the written consent of an officer of the Company. No agent, employee, or sales associate has the authority to change the Membership Agreement or to waive any of its provisions.
  2. Force Majeure and Other Delays . The Company shall not be liable hereunder by reason of any failure or delay in performance of its obligations hereunder on account of strikes, shortages, riots, insurrection, fires, flood, storm, explosion, acts of God, war, terrorism, governmental action, earthquakes, material shortages, or any other cause beyond the reasonable control of the Company.
  3. Headings and Exhibits . All headings used in this Membership Agreement are inserted herein for the convenience of reference only and shall not be considered in the construction of any provision hereof. All exhibits, schedules, or other documents that are attached and referred to in the text of this Membership Agreement shall be considered as part of this Membership Agreement as if fully set out herein.
  4. Severability . Any provision of this Membership Agreement which is unenforceable under the laws of any jurisdiction which are applicable hereto shall be ineffective to the extent such laws apply without causing such provisions to be ineffective under the laws of any other jurisdiction which may be or become applicable and without invalidating the remaining provisions of this Membership Agreement.
  5. Subrogation . If the Company or Provider Attorney  makes a payment under this Membership Agreement  and the person to or for whom payment was made has a right to recover damages from another, the Company shall be subrogated to that right.
  6. Governing Law . This Membership Agreement shall be governed and construed in accordance with the laws of the State of California. Exclusive venue for any dispute arising hereunder is the federal or state courts sitting in Los Angeles, California.